"Reunion Day"

Sometimes I like to just sit down and write:
There are thoughts that wake me in the middle of the night:
When I am bored and have nothing to fill my time:
I put down thoughts that come to my mind:

I think of my mom and when I was a child:
And of the times when I wondered how she could smile:
I had long blonde hair in pretty pigtails:
Bumps and brusies that a kiss always made well:

Barefoot in the rain, splashing in water holes:
Tucked under the covers with a runny nose:
Youve heard the story no place like home and Auntie Elm:
Getting together with all your kin:

Wed have watermelon and pumpkin pie:
Skinned up knees and kids that cry:
Meals to cook and dishes to be done:
But all together it was so much fun:

Kids screaming and the trips to the park:
Get them all together and in before dark:
But its all over now and Im all grown:
Im no longer that child and have children of my own:

But memories will not fade of the days gone by:
When I think of them a tear comes to my eye:
My Mom's hair is gray and age touches her face:
But there will never be anyone that can take her place:

By Harriett Dash 2001