Remedy for a Happy Day

There is an old time remedy to starting the day.
Take a minute get on your knees and pray.
My granny used to tell me that a day was Heaven sent.
And if you stared it with the Lord you could be content.

No troubles would find you behind the man upstairs.
He would handle all of life's cares.
So for real happiness and contentment too.
Just do what Granny said to do.

So when you get up to start a new day.
Fall on those knees and take a minute to pray.
Itís all in Godís divine plan.
One that was given to each and every man.

Ask the Father in heaven to lead and guide.
So from trouble of the world you won't have to hide.
Pursue your task donít be confused and fuss.
Just look up to the Father and in Him put your trust.

© By Harriett Dash

Art By tom Sierak