"Race For Space"

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There is something wrong in the car race:
That's right, not enough parking space:

I think for every car that is made:
A parking place should be laid:

A vision to me from up on high:
A parking place I see near by:

I hurry up and reverse the gear:
And what do I see in my rear view mirror:

Another driver with a gleam in his eye:
Same space, same time he did spy:

My heart began to race, the blood did flow:
Press down on the gas and away we did go:

Neck in neck in the race for space:
Its all a part of being in the human race:

Now I must be a lady and not get upset:
He was faster so the space he did get:

But that's okay, I'll walk a little far:
In hopes of overcoming the thought of spitting on his car:

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by Harriett Dash 2000