Quiet Moments

I think  quiet peaceful moments are very restful to ones soul
Too much rushing around can quickly make a body old
When we rush through life with to much on our mind
Stop , look and know all the wonders left behind

Watch the sun rise in the morning and look at the morning dew
Know the sun sets in the evening with or without me and you
Hear the crickets sing their song and frogs leap from pond to pond
Even when we don't notice life still goes on

Think of all you miss when you rush on by
Clouds that look like people linger in the sky
Look in the mirror today and really see what is there
It's a man, woman or child that really needs care

Be at peace with yourself and have peace within your soul
Stay young in your mind and you'll never grow old
Listen, what do you hear, nothing, peaceful quiet moments in time. 
Alone to think, alone to get yourself together.

To have your own thoughts, don't rush, take time to be alone.

By Harriett Dash