Prayer Of A Child

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Lord this is my first time meeting you
Forgive me if I don't know exactly what to do.
I'm just a little child and sometimes filled with fear
But Mommy says it'll be all right if I always keep you near.

So here I am Lord, your face I hope to see
Mommy says it's best if I talk to you on bended knee.
It shows love and respect and I want to do as you'd have me to
And with all my heart God, I love you.

She tells me you're a big God and you live up above
And for everyone you have plenty of love.
Can you really do anything just by speaking a word?
This is what I have always heard.

My Mommy said you said "Spare the rod and spoil the child"
And when she said it, she didn't smile.
I know it hurts her to punish me when mean I have been
But she says I'll thank her for it in the end.

So help me Lord to understand you and your way
Because I want to be by your side some day.
I don't know why you're so good to me
I've done nothing for you that I can see.

"Lord, I'd like to work for you when I'm a big girl"
Mom said if I do, I can inherit the world.
Well Lord I guess that's all for today
I sure hope I didn't get in your way.

"Oh, P.S. Lord.... I love you too.....

By Harriett Dash