You are not alone

His cross was heavy and the load He had to bear.
But He didn't complain or leave it there.
He gave it to the Father and said, thy will be done.
Because he was the only begotten Son.

We are His and He knows the trouble we are in.
He will share the load and deliver us again and again.
He is our strength and the battle He will fight.
He is our salivation and our guiding light.

If we give Him our problems and place them in His hand.
He will show us He is God and not just a man.
In Him we must believe or His hands are tied.
It was not for Himself but us, that to the Father He cried.

Forgive them father was His last plea.
This He did for you and me.
So close your eyes and just try to believe.
Put your trust in Him and blessings you shall receive.

Harriett Dash  11/18/08