My Mother Lucille




My Mother Lucille


It's Christmas time again and an empty spot in my heart.
I'll always miss my Mom, because we are physically apart.

My mom was like a secret, one I didn't want to share.
She was hidden deep within my heart, she was always there.

She could brighten up my days with just a simple smile.
She walked and talked like no other with her special style.

She was patient and forgiving no matter what came her way.
She had an answer for what ever I had to say.

But even as a grown up she made me feel like a little girl.
I loved my Mom so very much, she was my whole world.

No matter what I went through, she always understood.
We don't sing a Mothers praise as we really should.

Fathers go to work and make money to pay bills..
But Mom has to be a nurse and doctor to all the children's ills.

She has to sit up at night and wipe the fevered brow.
When I'm sick I miss my Mom, even now.

She was here for my teardrops and laughter, she cared for me.
There was more to my Mom than a lot of people could see.

So Mom if you're watching what I write and I know you do.
I just want you to know how much I miss you.

Harriett Dash 12/ 4/2008



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