He is always there

The seasons and times may come and go.
But this one thing for sure I know.
God never changes and he's always the same .
We need to remember to only call out his name.

His answer will and has always been" yes".
Even if it's not what we expect, he knows what's best.
Sometimes a challenge will make us our spirits renew.
We feel as if we know not what to do.

But he'll give us time to think how to solve the problem our own way.
Then we'll hear a voice in our hearts say.
Have you had enough of making your own choice my child?
I can see his face with a glimmer of a smile.

We'll then look to him and he'll make us aware.
He'll bless and renew us and show us he cares.
Give your problems to God and pray with all your might.
We may be confused but he knows what right.

Harriett Dash  11/16/08




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