Hear His Voice

This is a world of sorrow and troubles in which we live.
But I know someone who is willing to give.
He'll give you happiness and also peace of mind.
In him what we wish for , we will find.

We have a promise, maybe not of earthly things.
But a promise to be with the King of Kings.
We may think our prayers are not getting through.
But he made a promise to me and you.

He hears our prayers and knows our need.
If we to his words will heed.
Trust is the answer, this is what he'll say.
Believe in me when you pray.

Your sadness and sorrow hurts me as it does you.
I answer a prayer that's faithful and true.
Call on me with an open heart and open mind.
  Each prayer that comes to me is one of a kind.

Harriett Dash  11/16/08