Photographic Memory

Isnít it great on a rain filled day to sit and look?
Through old photographs and memory filled books?
Treasured memories of times filled with such laughter.
Times now gone to the here after.

Times when family loved one another and really cared.
Special moments with laughter shared.
We had just enough room to turn around.
No one ever got lost and couldnít be found.

Little ones posing with fingers up their nose.
Running through the spray from a fallen water hose.
Dinner table with faces all covered with a smile.
No one caring about the clothes style.

Kids hugging kids and grown-ups gathering around.
Little new born babies with long drawstring gowns.
Now they put them in suits with little bow ties.
Young mothers flip if they began to cry.

But in our day we just passed it around.
Until it was sleeping, oh so sound.
With sadness I see pictures of ones in the past.
All of us thinking forever they would last.

Then the great memories of what made us what we are today.
When kids and loved ones were never in the way.
Yes, I love my photo albums, each one has thoughts anew.
It keeps in my mind and heart all the things I used to do.

And to me that's great for as I can see.
Iíve lived a great life from all these beautiful photographs upon my knee.


© By Harriett Dash 2002