Peace In The Valley

As she walked through the valley, it was deep and wide
But as she walked along the way, she cried.
As she cried, the tears fell upon the ground
She didn't notice them till she turned around.

Every where they had fallen a flower had bloomed in the mist
Because each tear that fell upon the ground was a special kiss.
Tears come from the heart and the heart is a hidden place
A guarded one just for the human race.

So as these scared drops fell it happened, the sadness from each one
A flower started to grow and a new world begun.
One that was now relieved from pressure of this world of gloom
One that now had a place for more love to bloom.

Don't hold back the tears for they are a special gift from God.
Only those that shed them know the path that He has trod.
So as you travel down the road and the tears begin to flow.
Let them fall, release them and watch the flowers grow.

by Harriett Dash  
October 2003