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"Our Wedding Day"

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( Bonnie and Steve)

As he placed the ring upon my hand:
The endless circle of a wedding band:
I saw an image of a girl in a looking glass:
My mind fades back into the past

The times we spoke without a touch:
I didn’t realize then it meant so much:
But a higher power was in the plan:
This was my life, this handsome man:

The gentle way he always spoke to me:
The love then wasn’t for me to see:
God had a plan, one of his very own:
Only through him was this plan known:

I think back with a tear in my eye:
When we found out we together did cry:
I love you”Darlin”, he said to me:
And I want all the world to see:

The gentle way he touches my face:
The love the kindness can’t be replaced:
I thought I knew love as a girl:
My heart now spins in a brand new world:

I’ll soon be his, our  love complete:
The challenge of the world we’ll meet:
Together our love can conquer all:
No valley too  wide or mountain too tall:

This band goes on forever as our Love:
The special kind that came from above:
His touch, his love makes me see:
I want to be  just what he wants me to be:

No longer now an image of a girl do I see:
But now the woman I always wanted to be:

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Isn’t Love Grand !

By Harriett Dash 1995