Our Uncle Harold


He's our good uncle because he has a way with kids
He threatens us and put us on the skids.
Now don't get me wrong he loves us very much
He tells our Mom and Dads how to keep in touch.

You know the best way to raise children is to not have any of your own
Don't even take one out not even for a loan.
That way you won't get personal and have a tender heart
Then when spanking time is due you grin and depart.

You see Uncle Harold knows everything, you ask him and see
We love our Uncle Harold as in the  picture of Kelsey and Me.
He was in the Army and drove a school bus too
So I mean it when I say he knows exactly what to do.

He laughs with us tells us stories this one thing we like
But I hate it when he says times up now take a hike.
Well he doesn't use those words but we understand
You see Uncle Harold's not a Daddy he's just a man.

He loves kids and this I know is true
And without our Uncle Harold we wouldn't know what to do.
He's cuddly as a teddy bear and that's what we kids like
Whoops here comes Uncle Harold time to take a hike.

By Harriett Dash   

These graphics offered free by Immanuel Graphics:  Thank you.