Our Second Mom with Louise

My sister Louise and Elsie Pauley our second Mother.

She was one of a kind like no other.
She was a sister to Mom and like a mother to us.
We knew with her our secrets we could trust.


She had her own way of saying things and never ever lied.
She would wipe away our tears when with heartbreak we cried.
She use to sit and braid our hair.
When we called her name she was always there.


She helped us with our homework even though she couldn't spell.
We use to go with her to her home to draw water from the well.
She could kick a blacksnake or grab it by the end.
She always thought killing a critter was a sin.


She taught us we were in their space and to avoid them if we could.
She even taught us girls how to cook and to chop wood.
Her home was always clean but cozy and family like.
She tucked us in the bed and told us stories at night.


She was our Mother sent by angels above.
To stand in for Mom and fill our hearts with Love.

by Harriett Dash Sept. 2007