Our Jake


This is my baby sisters precious child
His ability to win your heart will make you smile.
Hes very serious even when in play
You dont bother him in any way.

He has an imagination like any little boy
He knows and counts his every toy.
He can be anything he sets out to be
You just watch him and you will see.

Place a paper hat upon his head
A cape on his back colored in red.
He will run, jump and play himself out
But never once do you hear him shout.

His Mom as a child was the very same way
I remember her in her youthful day.
She sat quietly in a corner with Barbies everywhere
Not a sound and not a stir.

It's true, so true our children are really us
So in them we must put our trust.
To be what wed have them to be
For in them "US" the world will see.

By Harriett Dash 2001   


Backgrounds by: Penny Parker