"No sense of direction:"

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There is no sense of direction on my mind:
I never know if I am one lap ahead or one lap behind:

On the railroad crossing to look I did stop:
The crossing bar came down on my top:

It hit the top of the luggage bar:
Lucky I was in the van and not in the car

As it slid across the top, I raced across to the other side:
With speed I really pushed my ride:

To late for me as the lights did blink:
In my feet my heart did sink:

I knew my van was all tore up:
I had a vision of it in a garbage truck:

When the house I leave, Eddie says good-bye:
Sometimes he has a tear in his eye:

He really means good-bye when spoken to me:
He never knows again if "Me he will see":

By Harriett Dash 1999   

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This might be safer!

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