No Greater Joy

A wonderful thing happen to me the other day.
A child ask me to come and play.
Now what's so odd is there were people everywhere taking a stand.
But the child came up to me and took my hand.

Hey lady, will you play with me, she was so very sweet.
I have a baby doll I want you to meet.
Of course I smiled and said, well honey you lead the way.
Well, if it were you what would you say?

I went and there it was all crumpled in the floor.
She said she tore her dress, when she fell into the door.
Can you fix it back and make it all right.
I got needle and thread and pull the string oh so tight.

I tied a knot in the end and fixed her back the way she should be.
I then ask her, honey why did you come and get me?
She spoke so sweet and then said with a little sigh.
Because you were smiling but there was a tear in your eye.

I knew you needed love and this is where I get mine.
You see Lady, my dolls are one of a kind.
My doll said, go get the lady with the unhappy smile on her face.
Only she can fix my dress made of beautiful lace.

As she touches me she will have a happy thought.
And up in her happiness she will be caught.
And it was oh so true as she held the tiny doll in her arms.
The life of her childhood came back like she was a lucky charm.

The little girl put her arms around my neck kissed me on the cheek.
I knew then and there God sent her for me to meet.
I walked back into the room and knew in my mind.
This day was a special day, one of a kind.

Every time I wanted to cry or shed that smiling tear.
I would hear her voice saying "Come play" ringing in my ear.


By Harriett Dash 2002