New Beginning


I remember as I think back to that special day.   
I also remember all the preacher had to say.
I remember the feeling as tears ran down my cheek,
I wondered about the man I was about to meet.

Was He big and strong like the preacher had said.
Could He really raise people from the dead?
My hands trembled as I began to take a stand.
Then I felt someone take hold of my hand.

Then my knees trembled as I began to take the walk.
The preacher smiled, he knew who it was that I sought.
As I lifted up my hands I could feel the people stare.
I know they wondered, what's he doing there.

Then they were amazed, they saw a strange man.
He was standing by my side holding up my hand.
He was dressed in a white robe trimmed in scarlet thread.
There was a crown of thorns laying on his head.

There was a smile on his face and a tear on his cheek.
He had walked with me all the way, this man I was to meet.

By Harriett Dash 2002 

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