New Beginning World Outreach

(Pastor John Dash)

On any given day you can find him here
Spreading the good news or spreading cheer.
He was called to do a special work and feed those in need
He takes it as a responsibility not as a good deed.

His motto is to help  those who are  without
To knock Satan down and run with a shout.
Come to me if your are in need and I will do all I can
His goal in life is to help and feed his fellow man.

How can you lead a hungry soul to the throne of Grace
How do you say a Savior took your place.
When they are hungry and down and have not a  thing
How do you put in their heart a song to sing.

Feed them and turn them not away
Don't say I'll be back another day.
But take them by the hand and feed their flesh and their soul
Then they will know our savior and they will be told.

He can take away  their sins and  knock upon their heart
Show them a loving God and from Him  they'll not depart.

Church On The Rock

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By Harriett Dash 2001  


Pictures not a part of Graphics By Penny Parker.