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"My Very Own Angel"

Have you ever felt angels wings brush against your face:
You were not really sure  what had taken place:
Have you ever felt a lightness in your heart:
A sudden peace or a vision that gave you a start:
A voice softly spoken within your ear:
You know then the presence of an angel was near:

You see an accident across the way:
A voice says softly "I kept you safe  again today:
You turn knowing danger was there:
Then saw nothing, a voice again says, "I really do care":
Then that voice so soft again within your ear:
Believe in me and I'll always be near:

I remember one day as I sat in my chair:
I felt the brush of angels wings and I knew he was there:
I closed my eyes and felt the breeze upon my face:
I knew from burdens lifted, something had taken place:
Again I felt the brush of angels wings as he flew away:
I arose with renewed strength to finish my busy day:

Never take anything for granted when you are a child of God, 
know he has a plan for you if you will only believe in him.

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Have you ever felt a breeze and there was no wind?
Have you ever saw a shadow and there was no light?
Have you ever heard a "yes my child" when you were alone? Brother Chester told me one time he was just sitting praying and reading his bible  when he felt the brush of an angel's wing.  That statement inspired me to write this.  Then this is what happen to you.

By Harriett Dash 1997