My Step Father 

I didn’t know him when he was young but I knew him just in time
He wasn’t my real dad but the same as mine.
This is for him to let him know I care
He was always good to me and for me was always there.


How quick and fast the time goes by, how much faster the minutes go
The months, weeks, days and hours are gone before we know.
Time is wonderful and more of it we need for all
Love and time for our children are always on call.

We should use this time wisely for to us is given such a small amount
As a matter of fact as we get older on time is what we count.

Use it for happiness and joy and not let it too soon run out
So we’ll have no sadness when it's gone and not have any doubt.
That we used it wisely and shared our love with a smile
We made our children happy and gave them joy as we walked that last mile.

© By Harriett Dash       


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