My Sister Elaine
(Oct. 10, 2001)

My sister Elaine went to heaven today
She passed by my heart along the way
She took a corner of my heart as she went by
But said for me please don't cry
I am still a part of you as you are me
When you get here you will see

John 14:1-3

We'll be as one you and I
So wipe that tear from your eye
I can feel her in the morning sun rise
In the dew I see the sparkle of her eyes
She made me laugh when I was sad or blue
She always knew exactly what to do

I heard her call my name the other night
When a gentle breeze took it's flight
As she laid down in her bed to rest
An Eagle took flight from her nest
She took My Precious to the highest peak
And said this is the place that you seek
So rest now in the comfort of his arms
Safe and secure from all earth's harms

Isaiah 57:1 - 2

Not to feel her arms right now I can't conceive
So for her I will grieve
Don't try to console me, there are no words to say
To comfort me on this her leaving day
I can speak to her but I need that special touch
That hug and those words to me, " Sis, I love you so much."

By Harriett Dash 2001   


(pictures not a part of web set)