My Sister Debbie

 You must understand some sisters are family only
But Deb is there when you are lonely.
She will make me laugh or will just listen to me
This is the way sisters should be.

I am a talker so one day she said
An alien could not fool with your head.
You could talk them out of taking you into space
You could win them over in the talking race.

Now I think she meant this in a good way
It was just because I have a lot to say.
We have so much fun when we are together
Rain or shine no matter the weather.

She will push and shove and be persistence
The "I cant" word for her is nonexistent.
She calls me on the phone and I use her dime
I do this to her all the time.

I call her back and ask, did you have something to say
Is there a reason you called me today.
She will just laugh and say that she just wanted to hear my voice
Well when we talk she has no choice.

Shes a health nut and a self seeker
Im a hit and miss diet and a word speaker.
But together we are great and enjoy the same thing
So that puts us ahead of the age old game.

One thing for sure well never be friendless
Our love for each other seems to be endless.

By Harriett Dash 2001 


(Pictures not a part of web set)