My Secret Lindsey

You've heard of a secret Garden, well Lindsey is mine
Here is a child that can make you wonder about time

Where did the time go and what happened in between
I just looked at her one day and she had grown up it seems

There is a quietness to her and into the background she blends
Until she gets one of her funny feelings and a whim

She then decides to play a joke and  you must beware
The prank is on anyone, she doesn't really care

So mostly she sits back and with a watchful eye she looks
Knowing how to pull a prank she could write a book

One thing is so great and this  is especially to me
She loves being young and lets her imagination go free

She's a middle child and that is hard enough
Coming out from in between is a job that's tough

You're either too young or again too old
You never know when to cry or when to be bold

Still waters do run deep and she can prove that in what she can do
Watch for this quiet little girl,  she'll steal your heart from you

This little girl has grown up before my eyes
She seems to be full of wisdom and is wise

She is so beautiful and mysterious and she will have her day
She will be a heart breaker so boys stay out of her way



By Harriett Dash 2001