My New Brother

I am now a big sister and I love it so much.
Heís so soft too and tiny to the touch.
I know I have a lot to do getting use to having him around.
I must always wear a smile and never a frown.

When he wants my toys, I know Iíll have to share.
But heís my little brother, so I hope I donít care.
Its going to be hard sharing my Mom and my Dad.
And I know at times I am going to be so sad.

I know I will be jealous, but that's really okay.
Heís my baby brother and heíll never be in the way.
Especially when they hug him and say, I love you son.
I will know for sure a change in my life has begun.

I am just a little girl and used to being the only one.
But all in all, I think a new brother can be fun.
Iíll have someone that understands what I say.
Weíll have lots of fun and together we will play.

Heíll have to love my baby dolls and drink tea from a cup.
And Iíll learn to shoot a basketball and play with pick up trucks.
I am so glad he is here and on his face I can look.
Maybe he will let me read to him from my story book.

Iíll be a real good big sister and hold him oh so tight.
Maybe I can help Mommy feed him during the night.
And when he cries and she holds him so very close to her heart.
Iíll know she did the same for me from the very start.

Thatís what Mommyís do and it will be okay.
I know she loves us both the very same way.

© by Harriett Dash 2003

Cole Clayton Kirgis

Delaney and Cole Kirgis