My Nephew "Rick K"

Now if you ever wanted a nephew, this one you would pick.
He is a handsome guy and his name is Rick.
He has a smile for his Aunt , no matter how long it's been.
He always has a big hug for me when I come in.


He can imitate the Rock, the big guy on TV.
I smile and look at him and say, do it once just for me.
So he curls up his lip and closes one eye and I smile.
He is still so handsome, has such great style.

He is a great father and a wonderful husband too.
Loves his wife and children and is involved in everything they do.
He works hard and at the end of the day.
Hugs those babies and Niki, lets nothing get in his way.


I am so proud of him for doing so great with his life.
And to me is married to perfection, a beautiful wife.
I loved Niki and knew from the start.
This was a woman after my Rick's heart.

I just wanted him to know how proud of him I am.
And God is watching over him with an outstretched hand.
If possible, He loves you even more than I do.
Remember Honey, that's a lot of love sent from heaven to you.

By Harriett Dash     Nov. 2003