My Mother In Law
(To Pearl Dash by Harriett Dash)

People can say what they want to say
But my mother in law is special in every way.
She taught me the good path to travel in this world
She accepted me even if I was a young girl.

When into this family I was accepted
I knew right away what was expected.
To live a clean life to church  always go
Let the world see Jesus and know.

There were certain rules to live by and that was ok
I knew I had a family in every way.
She has always been a light to me
When I look at her, it's Jesus I see.

She raised a big family and them she cared for
Food on the table and friends at the door.
Fudge on Fridays and breakfast every morn
Never a harsh word and never a scorn.

She was hard working raising  a big family
But her blessing were all around for her to see.
Her children love her and she is well respected
She help them to grow up and they were never neglected.

The meals were cooked with tender loving care
They all knew when they got home she would be there.
She's the kind of Mother all the world should have
When you made a mistake she never got mad.

Just would say so gently you know better than  that to do
When your Father gets home he will deal with you.
She is a great Mother and as a wife the best
I'd pick her over any I have seen I think she is the best.

By Harriett Dash 2001         Home