My Memories of Mother
(In memory of Billie West: from children Sherill and Karen)
This day I think I can see within the smile
My Mom picked me up and said with her own style.
Now look at the camera and a birdie you shall see
She hugged and loved and very gently squeezed me.

She was a great Mother and we never did without
I know she knew this and I loved her with out a doubt.
I was her baby girl and this I knew from her heart to mine
For when I was around her the sun would always shine.

God chose me to be by her side and to see her home
For she knew I'd understand, for this she had longed.
There were secret thoughts we shared and memories that are mine
Things we talked about that will last through out time.

I long for the special moments we shared as daughter and Mother
These are times to be no more, never with another.
I sit and cry and feel in my mind her ever gentle touch
But I long for the day of the smiles so very much.

I think back of the laughter when families gathered around the room
This was a time of joy no darkness or gloom.
She was a wonderful Mother and on her I could depend
For her death was a beginning and not an end.

I now see her in the shadows and feel her presence ever so near
But just for one moment her voice I wish to hear.
I love you Mother and this I know you know
For you are in mine and Megan's heart where ever we go.

 (Billie West)

By Harriett Dash 2001