(Connie Shrader)

What can I say you don't already know:
I'll use my thoughts and go real slow:
When I talk to you I see child like eyes:
But then deep within you are so wise:

No one really knows unless they go backward in  flight:
What makes you the girl you are in the fight for right:
I think as a child you were restless wanting to do all you could:
To early in your life you knew wrong and good:

You always make me think of  a younger day :
The times I watch you with the kids at play:
They seem to love you and all the joy to them you bring:
You teach them about Jesus and make their hearts sing:

When they grow up they'll look back and remember when:
You taught them how to resist a life of sin:
They won't thank you now but when their time in youth is done:
When the thoughts of right and wrong to their minds have come:

They will talk of Connie and this is the  words they will say:
Thank you Connie for doing what you  did for us that day:
But I want to thank you now for all you have done for me:
A lot of times you have done and no one could see:

I feel no rush and hurry to get to the job I have to do:
For I know God put you there because I can depend on you:
Keep a smile upon your face Honey, let no one see:
Just take your cares and problems to God on bended knee:

He knows whats in the heart  and the times you are sad:
You don't have to tell him when you feel bad:
But know this He loves you so much:
And when in tears and fears he shares his tender touch:

As for me I love you and thank you for all you have done:
And without you this life would not be as much fun:

Thank You from Harriett

By Harriett Dash