My Little Man 

Little words are sweet coming from a small child
You will find upon your face the brain places a smile.
As those innocent eyes look at you filled with such love
You know that an angel has fallen from above.

It seems moments turn into hours and hours into years
Then as you watch, you see your fears.
He has grown up and turned into a young man
The years passed by as the hour glass sand.

In your eye the brain now has placed tears
As the memory goes by of all the years.
The funny things he has said and done
The boredom he turned into fun.

Where have they gone, all those wonderful times
I sit here in thought as they come to mind.
But no need now of thinking of the past
The future is here all too fast.

The boy is gone at least I thought so
Until he jumped up and yelled let's go.
We jumped and ran as fast as we could go
Off to the park and the picture show.

We laughed and cried and played for an hour
I knew then the little boy still had the power.
To make me laugh and run and play
He was still here and had given me another day.

by Harriett Dash 2002