"My Little Darling"


You can always tell when someone has a heart made of gold:
It goes out to the puppies, young and old:

He was always there for me no matter how I felt that day:
He never was out of sorts and I was never in his way:

He never  at me was angry or upset , at least he never did say:
I remember my little puppy like it was yesterday:

Some memories never leave they are never left behind:
They are forever in my heart about this little puppy of mine:

When I came home he would always at the door greet me:
No matter how long I was was gone he was glad to see me:

One day I walked out for a moment to see what he would do:
He bark and wagged his tail and said I sure missed you:

Oh yes this was my little baby this sweet puppy of mine:
The memory will never fade or be left behind:

By Harriett Dash 2001