My Little Big Brother

         You were the best and still are, my brother
Never have I wished for another.
Sometimes when brothers and sister grow up they part
But as for you, you're always in my heart.

There is no distance when it comes to love and prayer
When I think of family you're always there.
We don't see each other because of distance in miles
But when I think of you its always with a smile.

Thank you for the memories of childhood joy
You were blessed for years being the only boy.
Four girls and a boy made you special in our sight
There was no wrong in you, we agreed without a fight.

When we see each other its always like yesterday
It seems as if time never gets in the way.
That's what's so special about you, to me you never change
No matter the distance, no matter the range.

I long to hear your voice and to see your face
But until then know in my heart, no one will ever take your place.

By Harriett Dash 2001