My Life I Give

(Let me not be known for myself but the truth that lies within me.)

I say let my life be remembered as I live.
Let everyone see me as I give.
Of my heart and of my time.
Only share with others that which is mine.

The minutes, the hours of which I own.
I give to others not as a loan.
But to do with that which they please.
To know for them I have been on my knees.

I desire their love in due season.
Unconditionally and without reason.
Love me because of who and what I am.
I give not blood like the lamb.

But of my heart and all I am here and now.
I give to you to see by sweat of brow.
I will love in the way the only one I know.
By outward appearance and by show.

By Harriett Dash 2002