My Journey's End 

If you knew tomorrow your journey would be at an end.
Would you have a lot to do in order it to defend?
Or would you go on and live as you have lived?
Do your best and giving all you have to give.

Would you have to alter your lifestyle?
Or could you go on each day with a smile?
Could you still rest at night and go on with sleeping?
Would you know your life is in safe hands for keeping?

If your journey was threaten with thorns instead of flowers.
Could you just smile and laugh away the hours?
Would you still know you could make it through?
Would you know there was a greater place awaiting you?

To all these questions we know for sure time will tell.
If in your journeys end you lived your life well.
We know our God is wise and to us true.
So live your journeys end so others speak well of you.

by Harriett Dash 2002