My Husband Is So Much Fun


If you buy a car that's an automatic why would you change a gear
And if you are in the front seat why talk to someone sitting in the rear.
The car goes from side to side we all began to sway
The children scream and then all he does is look back and say.


Now you all seem to over react
He goes on to say as a matter of fact.
He always has a story and it is quite a tale
He tells it over and over but it never grows stale.

He tells them all so enthusiastical
And makes the ending different and so fantasical.
Sometimes they are so hard to believe
But it seems so real we don't know if he's trying to deceive.

Sometimes he catches us off guard and tells it point blank
Like it's a real story and not a prank.
We all sit and with wonder and at him stare
Not knowing the ending or if its real care.

Then he will smile and get that twinkle in his eye and look like a saint
And to hit him we put ourselves under restraint.
I really think my son is like his Dad and its totally unfair
When in between them I wish I was  elsewhere.

But all in all I do have to say
Don't think I would have it any other way.
It makes for a lot of laughter and does our hearts good
But I guess God in his wisdom and knowledge knew it would.


By Harriett Dash 2001