"My Handy Man"

Well Ladies I am not sure about you but this I know:
My hubby for other women can put on a show:
At home he can't take the garbage out:
Without me reminding him  with a shout:

Its running over and the lid will not fit:
He shakes the bag and says there that's it:
But with the other ladies he can rewire the house and run cable:
But at home on him I pin this label:

From the table to his lounging chair:
Look for him and  you'll find him there:
He had a pair of electric socks one time:
Burn out the toes, blew his mind:

He couldn't understand to replace the batteries in the socks:
Set them by the heater and now their in the throw away box:
He cut off a door for me and the more he cut the  longer it got:
He didn't cut the bottom he cut off the top:

So now from the upper half the light from the hall does shine;
On that precious husband of mine:
If you really want something done :
Get the husband next door,  its the place to run:

By Harriett Dash 2001