My Grandpa


He was a very good man 
The best to me in all the land.
He was my Dad and also my friend
I loved my Grandpa till the end.

He was wise in all his ways
And knew when it was the end of his days.
He went into the past and knew he was there
So with him we used tender loving care.

The days were rough but we loved him still
For him his life though scary was so real.
The war was raging within his soul
When he was himself this to us he told.

I was gone away wasn't I
This he said with a tear in his eye.
We loved him and held him in our arms and said its ok
You're here with us all today.

Then the time came when he didn't return
His mind was gone into a world of ruin.
No more laughter just sitting and looking around
Trips into the past and into another town.

World War 1, with its guns and death
His mind never again to rest.
Then one day God said it's enough
This now is getting a little too rough.

Remove your hands Satan, Jesus let him know
The Lord reached down and said Let's go.
So off to heaven, he's waiting now
I feel he's happy now somehow.

He is waiting there for me
I can't wait his smiling face to see.

"My Grandpa"

By Harriett Dash 2001   


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