My Glamour Daughter


I know when this picture you see.
You will wonder just like me.
Where is this lovely beautiful girl.
The one in this picture that rules my world.

She gives my life meaning whether its good or bad.
She makes me happy and makes me sad.
A smile from her will lighten up my day.
She uses this to get her way.

This young lady will never grow old.
Her life consists of mysteries untold.
Life is joy and laugher,  fun and games.
Calling the world by all different names.

Never serious or following the rules of this life.
Not knowing the difference between seriousness and strife.
Some day maybe she will grow up and see.
She canít still set on her daddy's knee.

But until then, there she thinks she belongs.
Not knowing the difference between right and wrong.
She still smiles and says Daddy I want this.
And he just runs along and says  "we'll get it, Miss".

But all in all what can I say.
I canít seem to change it so I just donít get in the way.
A daughter is special in Daddy's eyes forever.
So just to get along is my heartís endeavor.

© By Harriett Dash 2001