My Favorite Son In Law

One thing my Mom was honest about to her dying day.
Was this one thing she had to say.
Eddie was her favorite because they were so much alike I guess.
He was really different from all the rest.

They would laugh and tell jokes until the midnight hour.
He had a way of winning her with his magic power.
Because to win my Mother and have her take up with you.
Was in this day and time a hard thing to do.

No man was good enough for her daughters especially for me.
So for her to like him was sure something to see.
It took a few years but eventually he won her heart with wit.
For hours they'd talk and laugh and just sit.

They would stay up telling jokes and laughing sometimes all night..
For him she'd always take up for in one of our little fights.
She always thought the best of him and couldn't understand.
Why I'd want to argue with such a good man.

By Harriett Dash