My Dreams

You know what day dreams are to me.
Things I want no one else to see.
Things I feel within my heart
 Things with which I hate to part.

It seems as if time stands still.
Like  you're looking down from a hill.
The distance is like a dream.
You can float on the wind it seems.

No thoughts of tomorrow or thoughts of today.
Just thoughts in the wind that get carried away.
Clouds that drift and make no sound.
 Thoughts of private things when no ones around.

Your own thoughts not from lips of another.
I remind me so much of my Mother.
She used to sit and  just stare.
I now know she wasn't really there.

She had thoughts of things for no one else to see.
At this moment I am my Mother, I 'm not me.
Thoughts of love and a far away land.
My thoughts..... her thoughts.....hand in hand.

I hate to return, for in my thoughts all is well.
No reality to people do I have to sell.
The door just opened and another  life is here.
No thoughts of my own now.. just their thoughts I fear

My thoughts.. My thoughts, now they are gone.
Hopefully to return  and from here go on.
None of my own.. what they say is to be.
Yes.. now back to reality.

by Harriett Dash 2002