My Dad
(John Dash)

When I was but a small child
My daddy could always make me smile.
He's always been there for me to love
He's my Daddy sent from God above

I have no problems when my dads around
He's the best dad in this whole town.
No matter the age I get to me
I can sit upon my daddy's knee.

He holds out his arms and all is okay
He makes it better another day.
Daddy's hands are working hands but tender and kind
I can always tell my dad what's on my mind.

He's always there for me no matter night or day
I can always depend on my dad, I'm never in his way.
He's a tower of strength, never sad or blue
He's never at a loss as to what to do

No matter what I do or say or  how old I get to be
My daddy will always love me.
As I lay down  to rest I sleep so sound
I know its ok because my daddy's around

My Dad, my knight in shinning armor is he
To my Dad, his baby I'll always be.

By Harriett Dash 2001   


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