My Dad


Memories of my Dad are now coming to my mind
He was to me one of a kind.
My  mother tells the story of how he went AWOL
He heard of my birth and wanted to be sure all was well.

I was named after him  knowing of how much he cared for me
I was the son he wanted, at least was supposed to be.
He had three little girls all very blond
And with him there was a special bond.

I think I was his pick at least we all probably feel that way
But I still think I was special  and that's what he would say.
He used to dance with me and  swing me round and round
He took us to the movies here in our small town.

Anything we wanted was his goal in life
We were his angels and never had to ask twice.
He was my knight in shinning armor the only man in my world
I was his little princes, his special little girl.

He held out his arms and into them I ran
I cried when he had to go I couldn't understand.
Please daddy don't go, I remember like yesterday
No words could comfort me , there were no words to say.

None to ease this broken heart so lonely and so blue
Still till this day I find myself missing you.
When I get to heaven I know there you will be
With open arms again waiting there for me.

You'll swing me around and hug me oh so tight
And I will hug you too, with all of my might.
I still love you Dad and that will never change in my heart
The memories we made together from my mind will never part.

By Harriett Dash 2001