My Boy My Son

When you were a child I did not know.
In which direction you would go.
I am working now with all I know to do.
To give a happy life to you.

As I watch you turn into a young man.
I wonder who really has the upper hand.
You have taught me the meaning of fun.
I have loved you greatly since your life begun.

You are my life line if you know it or not.
So I must give this my very best shot.
I have only one chance to teach you right from wrong.
To make you weak or to make you strong.

So my son as I look upon your precious face.
I want you to know I am with you in this race.
God gave you to me and I mean to do my best.
You are important, you are my test.

God is watching to see if I am doing what is right.
Even in the darkness of night.
As I look upon your face as you slumber in your bed.
I place my hand upon your head.

I pray with strength and guidance from God.
That where I go you may trod.
Together on this journey we will ride.
So son you can place your footsteps in mine with pride.

By Harriett Dash    2002      Home