My Baby Sister Elaine

I remember growing up and I remember especially You
You were so perfect in everything you set out to do
You remind me of our Father, he was perfect in every way
There was always sunshine no matter what kind of day

In every picture you  seem to stand out and say
I will overcome whatever trials come my way
You were always the strong one, the protector of us all
You were small in stature but in action very tall

You would talk back to Gram and run as fast as you could
I thought she'd run after you but she never would
I know you were her pick because like her you seem to be
She always loved her Elaine every one could see

She would catch you in something bad and to her you would say
I love you Mammaw in your little sweet and innocent way
And then you would slowly walk and turn your back and run
That is when the fun really began

She would just smile and look and Me and Lou
She'd say I know she didn't do it so it has to be one of you
Remember the feather pillows and we'd beat each other in the head
We knew we would have to die if we were caught jumping on the bed

But that didn't matter not at  the time anyway to us
We knew in each other there was sisterly trust
We did have some great times growing up I know we did
Even if Lou and I took the whippings when you would tell a fib

But that okay now because we are bigger than you
So little sissy be careful what you say and do

By Harriett Dash 2001