Mr. Ronnie Boyd
My Friend
How can I began this story now let me think what to say.
To tell you of a person I met along life’s way.
This man makes me laugh with his jokes and his style.
He’s country all the way and he can make you smile.

I remember when I first met him he had a gift for me.
He hid it behind his back so I couldn’t see.
But when he brought it out, he won my heart all the way.
It was a bowl full of Hershey bars to last me for days.

It seems he knows all the slang and country talk.
He also works like a country boy and walks the walk.
He can drive a tractor or work on a rusty car.
He can find a junk yard no matter where they are.
You tell him a joke and he roars with laughter and tells one back.
For jokes and antics to make you smile he doesn’t lack.
He at first was a stranger but then with his smile he fit right in.
You’d have thought he was next of kin.
He listens when you talk and gives a smile when you’re through.
He makes you feel life’s not about him, but about you.
He helps his Mom and Dad and is a good son.
He’s busy all the time, seems to be on the run.
But I just wanted him to know, knowing him I’ve been blessed.
His jokes sure relieve me of life related stress.
Thank you Ronnie for being real in everything you say and do.
This is my way of saying thanks and telling the world about you.

By: Harriett Dash July 2006