Morgy and Big John

This is a story of a horse named Big John.
Morgy is happy when his back she is on.
She washes and brushes and scrubs and cleans.
Big John knows what the word love and contentment means.

No whip  nor slap but kind words she chooses.
He's just had a bad day when first place he loses.
Haven't you ever had a bad day and just didn't feel right.
Maybe his harness or bridle is just a little to tight.

She knows his thoughts and the desire of his heart.
Morgan #54 from Big John will never part.
No money can buy him for sale he will never be.
Because he's not just a horse but he's family.

She whispers in his ear and rubs his neck just right.
He is calm and cool when other horses are uptight.
He shows his stuff and makes us proud.
He wins the cheers and applause of the crowd.

He runs as fast as lightening strikes.
Makes his mark on any given night.
He's a smart one and knows how  to win the crowd.
When he starts they shout out loud.

Come on John and Morgan too.
Show us what a real horse can do.
He'll win your heart when he makes the score.
He's not just a horse but He is Big John #54.

By Harriett Dash 2001