Mom's Lamp

 My Mom

I bought it for her so at night she could see.
She used to say she left it on for me.
When she came in for a visit, she saw it in a store
And when it came to my Mom, she had to say no more.

I went inside to see just what the price might be.
Anything she wanted she could get from me.
She told everyone this lamp was her pride and joy.
Never in that room were the kids allowed to have a toy

She was very protective  over it.
If anyone touched it she would throw a fit.
Don't touch my lamp she would say.
A lot for it my daughter did pay.

And it was a lot in that day and time.
I saved all my nickels and dimes.
I used to call my Mom and her I would tell.
I've almost filled up the wishing well.

She'd laugh and say "Honey, this you don't have to do.
Even if you don't get it, I'll still love you.
But when I saw the gleam in my Mother's eye.
I knew for it I had to try.

It still sets in my Mom's office today .
Even though  she's gone away.
The lights still on a timer she set it before her flight.
In case she wants to visit in the middle of the night.

By Harriett Dash   Feb, 2004     

 (picture at top not a part of web set)