"Moe, Larry and Curly"

 Kenny, Eddie and Harold Dash 

Well, the one sitting in the middle is the joke teller of them all.
He can outwit the best in tales that are tall.
As you can see they look with no surprise.
He's told another story to make the spirits rise.
I'll not say what kind of spirits but it's really all in fun.
He's done this to his brother's since his life begun.

He use to make up songs about their girlfriends.
Even his Mother  saying stop would not hinder him.
He would say it on the run as he went out the door.
They knew he would be back for he had a little more.

I seen her chase them big old boys with the broom stick one day.
But it never stopped Ed, he had to much to say.
They never brought a girl home  to meet Mom and Dad.
If he was at the house he would just make them mad.

He'd play the guitar and sing a pretty tune.
When he started picking they would all leave the room.
But all in all, he's a good old boy.
It just so happens, his mouth is his favorite toy.

By Harriett Dash 2001