My Missy

Knock knock are the sounds on my door
I believe I have heard that sound before.
I wonder, am I dreaming, is it true
As I open the door is it really you.

There you stand, your little eyes all aglow
I put you to bed once, I did I know.
Now off to bed, on your way my little child
No you can't sleep with me so drop the smile.

This time But mommy I love you won't work
What happened to your little night shirt.
You have to wear a gown to bed at night
Because to sleep this way isn't right.
You can't sleep without clothes you hear
Now stop crying and dry those tears.

It's not going to work this time my little one
Now off to bed, soon daylight will come.
I tell you monsters are asleep this time of night
They're too sleepy to come out and fight.
Okay, with you I'll lay just for a little while
Stop that now, wipe off that silly smile.

As you can see she's all grown now but still our baby girl
She's her own person now and has her very own world
But she still comes to Daddy when she finds herself in need
She knows he's always there and will always be
We'll always call her baby because she's our God given child
He sent her to us as a blessing and a trial
I hope we pass the test and as life goes on she'll see
She is a blessing to her Dad and me

By Harriett Dash 1990