Miracle Through Elisha

She wanted a child in her barren years.
Not having reservation or any fears.
Then came a man a prophet of the Most High.
And because of her kindness her he would not deny.

For Elisha a room for resting they prepared as a good deed.
To help out the man of God in the time of need.
Not because of money but because of  faith in God.
They knew the miles to bless others, he had trod.

So upon her he placed a blessing and spoke of things to come.
As a reward for her kindness she shall embrace a son.
But the dreadful day came when at loss she was to be.
She ran for the man of God, she needed to see.

Not once did her faith falter but she needed for him to be in sight.
She knew her son was a gift and for him she must fight.
Elisha  did not get excited but came for a miracle to perform.
Knowing it was  not the woman's time, in death to morn.

Life from God was a miracle through Elisha it came.
In him he breathed the breath of life and the boy was never the same.
When its a blessing from God this we must know without dread.
What can't  A God do, that raises a child from the dead.

By Harriett Dash   March 2004     Home

Backgrounds by Penny Parker